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Do I Qualify For P-1 Visa?

Among other visa categories that are available for entering the United States of America, P-1 visa category is especially applicable for those athletes who have to perform at an internationally recognized event either as an individual athlete or as a part of a group. This visa category is also applicable for the people who work as support staff for these athletes.

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However, not everyone can get P-1 visa so conveniently. For an athlete team to be eligible for applying for a P-1 visa, the team need to have international recognition. On the other hand, if an individual wants to apply for this visa, he needs to have an international recognition from his own achievements and reputation in the game. It is mandatory for the applicant to perform activities which need an international recognition.

International recognition in this case is defined as achievement of a high level in a specific field which is evidenced by a degree which is much above ordinary level. The skill should be of a level that it should be renowned and famous in more than a single nation.

When it comes to a foreign team which has international recognition, P-1 visa can be granted to different members of this team. For this category, the international recognition of the team is taken into account for granting P-1 visa to all the team members. However, it is a rule that a person who has received P-1 visa on account of a team cannot perform as an individual athlete in any sport event besides his own team.

P-1 visa holders are allowed to perform for prize money or a fixed payment. Another benefit that P-1 visa holders can get is that they can engage themselves in part time studies and can also work for multiple employers at the same time. However, in such an event, each employer must file a separate petition for applying for this visa. People holding P-1 visa can come to the United States of America and participate in events like a competition, exhibition, entertainment event or an athletic season.

Nonetheless, this is a matter of concern that P-1 visa is not applicable for athletes who do not have international repute. Amateur athletes cannot come to the US on P-1 visa. For individual athletes, the petition is valid for a period of five year. On the other hand, for an athletic group, the maximum period is one year only.

Talk with an immigration lawyer before you file for the visa and ensure that you meet all of the eligibility criteria. There are various procedures and documentation that needs to be completed before the application can be filed. The immigration lawyers are knowledgeable and understand the nuances that need to met.

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